Very mild .357 Mag Load

Homemade .357 Mag

Homemade .357 Mag

Below, I’ve listed the load that I currently use most in my revolver. It’s a very mild load (more 38SP +P), “sub magnum”. It is however very enjoyable to shoot and accurate in my Colt.
Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for the correctness of this load data, use it as theoretical reference only.

  • Cases recovered from factory ammo (mostly GECO)
  • WSP – Winchester Small Pistol Primers
  • 158 gn LOS FP (copper plated bullets)
  • 6.5 gn Vithavuori VN340 (using the .71cc Lee auto disc)

Although I don’t reload for the financial aspect, I’m adding here what these loads cost me to give new reloaders a feel about possible cost-savings. Note that I’m using Vithavuori, which is one of the more expensive powders and that in the last few lots I’ve been using WSP primers because those were the ones available (S&B is cheaper). So if one focuses on cost, there is still quite some margin. Off course absolute prices change over time, and differ from country to country, but the relative difference does give a feel.

Price Units Units used Total Note
case 0.00 € 1 1 0.00 € re-used cases
primer 34.00 € 1000 1 0.03 € Winchester Small Pistol Primer
bullet 50.00 € 500 1 0.10 € LOS 158gn FP
powder 65.00 € 7700 6.5 0.05 € VN340
total   0.19 €

Calculating a yield of 98% (i.e. wasting 2 cartridges / 100, which is a low yield once you are set-up), that brings the price of a box (50) to about 9.64 €. Retail price is about 18.5 € (more expensive GECO, without volume discount). So I’m saving about 50% on these loads.

Note: Taking into account that I have about 500 € reloading equipment (one can do with less), I’ll make my first penny after 56 boxes .357 Mag, i.e. 2800 cartridges (not taking into account shooting less expensive brands and getting volume discounts).