Gun movie mistakes… Machete

I’m one of these annoying people who can get worked up when spotting mistakes in a movie :)… No not really, but it’s fun to spot them.

I do get a little annoyed by the constant “slide racking” that is done in movies to add to the suspense. Hollywood heroes typically rack their slides just before entering that last room (after clearing out a complete building of bad guys) where the boss of the foes resides. What does that tell us? Either they have been walking around without a round chambered (not so practical I would say) or they are addicted to cycling good cartridges through their guns (wasteful!). Oh BTW, anyone remember the “unlimited ammo” movies of the 80’s?

Anyway, those are the obvious mistakes, but once in a while you spot a more subtle one. Like this mistake in Machete. I like the movie, it’s an action comedy, it’s over the top, so the movie definitely does not have the intention of being realistic, I get that. However, I still think this was an unintended mistake:


Watch that 1911 used to threaten this person, it’s not cocked… Being a SA only pistol, the only danger that could come from the villan is when he thows this +1kg of steel at the other ones head (granted it would hurt like hell if thrown well). On the other hand, when staring down the gaping hole of a .45ACP barrel, would you notice it’s not cocked? And then bet on the fact thatit’s not one of those rare SA/DA variants (this isn’t BTW).