SR1911 front-sight improvement

I have mentioned that my Ruger SR1911’s broke during shooting earlier this year, something that has happened to many people.¬†Getting the front sight replaced has been quite an adventure. Cutting a long story short: I brought it back to my local gunshop for repairs, however obtaining a new sight from the importer lasted forever. I eventually contacted Ruger in the US myself to get the local importer off his butt and take action (Thank you ladies at Ruger export sales for the prompt follow-up). Anyway in this process, I got assurance from Ruger that they had solved the front sight issue by now.


I was a bit skeptical about this statement to be honest, but upon arrival I noticed that the new sight is different from the old one. As you can see from the picture below, the “original” SR1911 sight was indented and was considerably thinner at the back that at the front.

sr1911 - original sight

The second picture shows the replacement¬†sight that I received, as you can see it’s a more classic wedge style. There is no indent so it is overall thicker and thus should be stronger. I have no info on whether this one is milled or also MIM as the original sight.

sr1911 - new sight

I checked with a few people and it seems that newer SR1911’s ship with that second type of sight. So one can have good hopes that the Ruger front sight issue has become a thing of the past.