Gun cabinet – homemade gun rack for safe

guncabinetLike any responsible gun owner, I’m putting my handguns in a safe. The one I have at hand is just a box with no facilities to proper store my guns. The result was that my pistols just lay on top of each other in an un-orderly fashion.

A free Sunday and some leftover MDF (Medium-density fibreboard) resulted in the nice arrangement on the left. Note that I haven’t bothered to paint the rack as it remains 99,99% of the time behind a lock steel door…

Some people on Rugerforum asked for the measurements used and this is why I wrote this little post. The fact that I didn’t plan on making this post is also the reason why I don’t have a picture of the rack outside the cabinet. the rack uses all inside space and needs to be disassembled to be taken out, I didn’t take a picture before assembling :).

guncabinet2You can find all measurements on the picture below (click on it for full size). I have used 18 mm (.7 inch) MDF because that was what I had at hand, the measurements don’t change if you have wood of different thickness (18 mm is about right though). Basically the construction you see in the safe is 2 racks on top of each other, the upper one is 20 cm (7.84 inch) from the ground and shifted 3 cm (1.18 inch) to the back, which makes everything very accessible.